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Lunchbox by SchoolCash Online was developed and created by two
elementary school teachers who had a vision to make school lunches…

Love the idea of ordering lunches but hate the complex forms, missed deadlines and lost money between home and school? Our online system makes ordering lunches quick and simple!

Running out of ideas for healthy and fun school lunches? Frustrated that food is un-eaten or thrown away? Our selection of kid favourites makes sure that parents and picky eaters alike are satisfied!

We are committed to supporting our community and that’s why proceeds from each lunch order are given directly back to each school to benefit ongoing fundraising efforts all year long.

How it works

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Create your account with Lunchbox by SchoolCash Online in just a few easy steps.

Select a School

Select your child’s school and teacher to coordinate lunch delivery to your child’s classroom.

Choose a Meal

Select from a menu custom built for
your school. Meals may be
ordered weekly, monthly or for the
balance of the school year.


A delicious and healthy lunch your child will love!
What’s for Lunch?

Kid favourites you’ll approve of.


Susan Davis
Oliver Stephens Public School
Thames Valley DSB

It is my pleasure to write on behalf of Lunchbox Orders. At my school, we piloted the program for one month at the end of the year, to see the uptake in the community.


Prior to getting set up with Lunchbox, the program was run by one parent on our School Council. It required huge amounts of planning and tracking, checking with the Healthy Food policy and procedure, and then arrived at the school needing school staff to hand it out, chase missing orders, etc. And we’re a tiny school!

The switch to Lunchbox has been nothing short of phenomenal. We are in control of our days, the cost, the vendor and the time. Lunchbox takes everything else off the table. No scrambling to buy items on sale, finding parents to help, taking over the school kitchen, or dealing with forgotten orders. The meals arrive hot, on time, individually labelled and ready to go. We are provided with tracking sheets every Monday. There is no hassle with money. And you have the option to build in small fees as a fundraiser. To top it all off, the vendors come in with prices that most communities can manage.

I am so pleased with the organization and the front line staff that are in constant communication with the school. If you have options, choose Lunchbox. You won’t be sorry! Melissa is always a phone call or email away.


Todd D. Goodwin
Holy Trinity Catholic School
Guelph, Ontario

Holy Trinity Catholic School has utilized the services of Lunchbox Orders for the past two years. Not only do they provide nutrition guidelines under PPM 150, but they also do it at a cost that leaves us with some room to fundraise for the school.


Their service has always been friendly and reliable. If there was ever a mix-up they have done their best to correct it and then follow up with parents. This year we started a Gotcha Program to reward our students for doing well in the area of their learning skills. Lunchbox Orders offered to sponsor this program, and this provides testament to the great working relationship they have with our school.


Lindsay Patterson, M.Ed.
Glenn Arbour Academy
Burlington, Ontario

Lunchbox Orders is a fantastic way for our students to enjoy a variety of healthy meals from restaurant partners that our school community knows and trusts.


Students, parents and teachers enjoy the reliability and convenience of an individualized, user friendly online ordering platform that is customized to our school population. Lunchbox Orders has also supported our local fundraising initiatives to further enhance our school community. Thank you for a successful school year, Lunchbox Orders!


Vincent Campolongo
St. Ignatius of Loyola Catholic School
Guelph, Ontario

Lunchbox Orders has provided a great diversity of healthy meal options for our students through an efficient online system which provides convenience and simplicity for our parents for ordering and payment.


Melissa Roberts has been most accommodating and helpful in allowing the customization of our program to school needs.


John Parent
St. Bernadette Catholic School
London, Ontario

Lunchbox Orders provided lunch to our students 2 days a week. The online ordering program was easy for parents to follow and they quickly caught on to the routine of ordering the lunches.


After a year of working with the Lunchbox Orders program we found the entire experience very successful. A win/win for all parties involved. The vendors have been cooperative and punctual with their deliveries so that students receive their lunches warm.

Most of all Melissa Roberts has been a pleasure to work with through-out the program’s delivery. She could be reached quickly by email of phone if there was a problem with delivery and the problem was soon resolved. Any mix-up was usually a result of students thinking they were supposed to receive a lunch when, in fact, a lunch was not ordered by the parent.

As a school, we saved time with the administration of having to provide lunches, the teachers or secretary were not collecting or counting money and were able to focus on more important academic issues.


Jennifer Harrison
Parent Council
École St. René Goupil
Guelph, Ontario

As a busy working mom, having the option to purchase lunch for my children once a week is a treat. I appreciate the ease of online ordering and I like the reminders that come the week before that says “you haven’t ordered for next week” – sometimes I forget and it’s nice to get a reminder!


I enjoy the choices offered and appreciate that the lunches are affordable – my children have enjoyed the food each week.

As a member of the Parent Council, I can attest to the fact that Lunchbox Orders has been easy to work with – Melissa Rovers is accessible and always happy to help if there is a mix-up (there has only been one all year!). The fundraising portion is a bonus and is also very easy with nothing to do on our end. We’ve been happy since the beginning and are looking forward to our continued partnership in the new school year.


Sara Caruso-Taccone
St. Barbara School
Mississauga, Ontario

Lunch Box Orders has been the best decision I have ever made! I should have signed on with them when I first contacted Melissa, our representative, one year earlier.


Although the less management of cash for the school administration is a definite bonus, there are many more benefits to the Lunch Box Orders community partnership.

Lunch Box Orders has been an extreme time-saver for me, and here is why…
• LBO deals directly with the lunch vendors
• Vendors can be easily changed or rotated to meet community needs
• Parents can customize orders for their children weekly
• LBO has an online order and payment system
• Parents deal directly with LBO and not the school administration
• LBO sends weekly itemized class lists for each vendor
• Lunches are sorted by class and labelled with individual student names
• Monthly fundraising statements are itemized and sent to administrator for confirmation and then electronically deposited
• The customer service from our representative is immediate and excellent

Our school community loves the option of being able to order quality lunches for their children. Lunch Box Orders has given me the opportunity to provide quality food and service to our school community without the extra workload. Thank you Lunch Box Orders.


Monica Watson
Parent Council
James Hillier School
Brantford, Ontario

As the volunteer coordinator for our school lunch program for the last six years, I wish we had discovered Lunchbox Orders six years ago! With Lunchbox Orders, I no longer have to photocopy order forms or spend hours each month counting deposits and compiling orders.


I especially don’t miss the calls I used to receive regarding late or misplaced orders. The service program along with the online ordering system Lunchbox uses has eliminated all of the challenges with running a school lunch program. Plus, I get lots of positive feedback from school staff and teachers as they no longer have to collect order forms and funds!

As the treasurer of our parent council, we have relied heavily on our lunch program as our main fundraiser. When we switched to Lunchbox Orders, we could have opted to raise our selling price on our lunches to keep profitability the same. However, we decided not to do that. Instead, we decided to add extra days and vendors to the lunch program, keeping our pricing to families the same on our long running pizza days. As a result, we are actually bringing MORE fundraising dollars into the school and using LESS volunteer hours than ever before.

As a parent, I love the switch to Lunchbox Orders. The online ordering process is easy for me to use. My son is a picky eater so I love that I can customize his order. In addition, I enjoy the extra days that we now have as lunch options. Pizza is great and a long time standard but it’s nice to mix it up with order choices.


Cliff Williams
Innerkip Central Public School
Innerkip, Ontario

We have really appreciated the service and ease of the Lunchbox Orders program. Parents have really like the weekly ordering feature and the selection of vendors we have chosen to use for our program.


With so many inclement weather days this school year, we were able to continue to provide meals with our contingency plan and Lunchbox representatives working with vendors and the school to find the best solution. The staff at Lunchbox Orders was able to partner with our already established milk vendor to provide consistency in service with our local vendor. Their flexibility and service is exceptional and we look forward to using Lunchbox Orders again next year.


Stacy Craig
Parent Council
St. Mark Catholic Elementary School
London, Ontario

St Mark’s Catholic School Council has used Lunch Box Orders for one year now. Before LBO our hot lunch program heavily relied on parents and school staff to research, plan, organize, calculate numbers and money and more, just to get the program off the ground.


We would have to go through this process every time we wanted to make a small change. Then we met Nicole Gundry and she opened our eyes to our new amazing lunch program.

The ladies at LBO are a fabulous team and run like a well-oiled machine, smooth and flawless. They communicate with us on a regular basis and are quick to respond to any questions or concerns we have. They took the pressure off our school team by setting us up with a website, contacting a large variety of vendors, of our choice, to schedule weekly lunches and allowing parents a variety of payment methods. There is no more collecting and counting money. We simply receive a cheque from LBO at the end of the month.

LBO also offers advice on how to set prices to maximize your school fundraising and gives ideas on how to promote it within your school community. They even set up a table at our “Meet the Teacher” night to show parents how easy and convenient the website is. It is abundantly clear they want to make life easier for their clients. Now that LBO is involved with our school community, we have more time for our own families and school staff are able to focus their time on our kids. We will never look back!


Rose-Mary Weinert
Head Secretary
Pioneer Park Public School
Kitchener, Ontario

We have successfully been using Lunchbox by SchoolCash Online since October 2014. We were hesitant at first as this was entirely new to us. Melissa Roberts was key in making us feel comfortable.


She spent time with us explaining how the program would work. Her customer service and communication are ongoing and excellent. Melissa is wonderful with suggesting new meal/food/drink/treat ideas to try. The program is very convenient and a huge time saver for our staff and volunteers. Our parent community loves the online convenience as well. Lunchbox Orders does it all! They collect the money, collate the orders and place the order at the restaurant vendor level. No fuss, no muss. With every new concept, there are minor hurdles. Each issue was dealt with both professionally and promptly. Our experience has been very positive!



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